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Estate planning is extremely important. It is a way to not only transfer your assets to your loved ones but also to manage your late-life health care and other details, and it is an important aspect of the legacy you will be leaving behind. With something as important as this, it is critical to work with an experienced legal team you can trust to provide sound counsel and representation through the estate planning process.

At The Siegel Law Firm, P.A., we handle all types of estate planning matters for clients throughout the southern part of Florida. From our office in Jupiter, Florida, we have earned a track record of satisfied customers who got the help they needed when creating their estate plans. We can help you create a simple will and any trust instruments you might need.

When Is It Time To Create An Estate Plan?

There are two main times when you should create an estate plan: when you start a family and when major changes happen in your life.

When starting a family, it is important to have something in place to provide for any unexpected tragedy that might occur. Having an estate plan in place is a way of caring well for your spouse and kids because it will eliminate confusion and delay, giving them time to focus on mourning and remembering you well, rather than on complicated, potentially contentious legal details.

If you receive an inheritance or other windfall, if your marital status change or other major changes occur in your life, it is important to either create or update your estate plan accordingly. When the information is out of date on your estate plan, it can create significant confusion and delay in the probate process.

Basic Steps Involved

When creating an estate plan, the high-level steps involved can include:

  • Preparation: Before anything else, gather all documentation, and make as good of an accounting as possible of all assets and liabilities. Also, consider your goals, who you want to be beneficiaries of your assets and how you want your assets transferred.
  • Determining agents: Trustees, attorneys in fact and guardians are some of the agents you will likely be naming in your estate plan. It is important to think through whom you would want to carry these important responsibilities.
  • Creating the documents: An attorney from our firm can help you through the process of creating the right instruments to meet your goals and make sure everything will be legally acceptable and effective.
  • Signing: It is important to sign and make sure everything is legal and effective.
  • Updating: Whenever major changes occur in your life, it is important to revisit your estate plan to update it accordingly.

Our lawyers are here for you every step of the estate planning process. We will answer your questions and help you understand everything you need in order to feel confident in your estate planning decisions.

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