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Health Care Advanced Directives – Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney

A Living Will is a type of advanced directive that states your wishes in the event you have an end stage condition, have a terminal condition, or are in a vegetative state. Many individuals choose to execute this document to set forth their wishes for end-of-life care. In your Living Will, you can direct that your medical provider withholds or withdraws all life-prolonging procedures when the application of such procedures would serve only to prolong artificially the process of dying. Florida law requires a Living Will to be signed by the principal in the presence of two subscribing witnesses, one of whom is neither a spouse nor a blood relative of the principal.

A Health Care Power of Attorney (or Health Care Proxy/Directive) allows you to name one or more individuals to manage your health affairs. In this document you can give your designee important powers to manage important decisions for your care. Some examples are the powers you can give your agent in this document are as follows:

  • Receiving your health care information both orally and in writing
  • Providing informed consent or denying consenting for medical decisions
  • Carrying out the terms of your Florida Living Will
  • Applying for government or private benefits to defray the cost of health care

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