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Prepare – Consultation Forms

On this page you will find The Siegel Law Firm, PA’s preliminary information forms that will help our attorneys guide you through the estate planning process. In our experience we find that completing these forms before our meeting help us more efficiently and effectively carry out your estate planning goals. We understand that you may be looking to us for guidance answering some of the requested information. Please complete as much as the form as you can and we can finish the form at our meeting. On this form, we do not need specific bank/brokerage account numbers or exact balances but just want to have a general idea as to your assets to better identify your estate planning needs. Please email the completed form to [email protected], or if you prefer, you can just bring the completed form to our first meeting.

Please also remember that Jason Siegel and Stephen Siegel are just a phone call away if you have any questions while going through this form. Thank you for considering us in this important process. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you reach your estate planning goals.

Husband Wife Partners Preliminary Information.pdf
Husband Wife Partners Preliminary Information.docx

Individual Preliminary Information Form.pdf
Individual Preliminary Information Form.docx